Woman discovers maggots in dhal curry ordered at mamak restaurant in Bangsar

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Recently, a woman named Arianna reached out to WORLD OF BUZZ to share the traumatic experience she had after ordering food from a restaurant in Bangsar.

On Tuesday night (7 September), Arianna ordered Garlic Naan for herself, and a few other food items for her family via a food delivery application.

The nightmare began when she immediately spotted a few maggots in the dhal curry.

Arianna then contacted the customer service of the delivery app who gave her a refund for the item. WORLD OF BUZZ has sighted the documents pertaining to the order and refund. Despite the refund, her whole family was too afraid and disgusted to finish the rest of the food although none of them had the dhal curry.

The next day, Arianna decided to give the restaurant a call to lodge a complaint. According to her, the lady on the other side just kept quiet and only apologized after a few seconds of awkward silence. She had shared the entire incident on her IG stories to raise awareness. – Adapted from World of Buzz

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