Ukraine opens world’s first University faculty dedicated to TikTok

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The faculty, based at the University of Culture in #Kiev, aims to ‘Ukrainianize TikTok.’ It’s difficult to know whether to laugh, cry, or both, at this move appears to signal a new cultural and academic low point for our once-great species.⁣

Ukrainian #TikTok star Michail Poplavskiy, dressed like some nightmarish, alternate-reality, dystopian children’s TV presenter, announced the creation of the faculty at a depressingly-garish opening ceremony held at the university.⁣

In a particularly bleak address to students, the head of the ‘TikTokers of The University of Culture’ project, Lilia Mozhaeva, said ‘If you want to be leaders in life, then TikTok is your topic. You need to develop yourself, create your own brand, and we will help you with this.’⁣

If this is the state and purpose of current academia, then stop the world, we want to get off!

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