Tamannaah claims that her professional life has taken a twist during this pandemic

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For most of us, Tamannaah, claims that her professional life has gone for a toss because of the lockout. Yet she’s always been waiting for this time so she will read a ton of stories. “I know the amount of documents I’ve read and seen this period. I’ve never seen that in my life. Each second day, I’ve been introduced to everything, so sure enough, I’m going to make several announcements. Yet that was a really fun moment, as I had the peace of mind to look back and see everything,” says the Star.

She acknowledges that regardless of the pandemic, everything is gone for a flip. “It’s not only in the entertainment business, but all over the globe, things have gone for a flip,” she says, adding that after ensuring everyone’s health, entertainment shoots will begin. “The health of citizens at this stage is a concern. Yeah, it’s all going to work out as long as the government lets us film major movies like a lot of citizens need. If it happens to be free, I’m sure the producers will step out and continue doing it. We will require theaters to release their films, so people can just attend theaters when things slow down. I think it’s a matter of time, but I think other areas that are required for economic development are gradually opening up,” she says.

So, have any guidelines been given to performers, from Nadigar Sangam or other industry bodies, about how to schedule their call sheets until the government sends a green signal for film shoots? “Nothing yet. I guess it’s going to be (based on) specific films. Many narratives and videos would make you function in a restricted setting, but others won’t. To continue with, a lot is going to focus on what’s more accessible, because as the markets open up, it’s going to be pretty much the entire world. I don’t see that changing right away. It’s going to take a bit more time to wake up, “Tamannaah notes. – Adapted from Times of India

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