Suchithra returns to social media after Bigg Boss 4 elimination!

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After joining Bigg Boss 4 as the second wildcard contestant, RJ and singer Suchithra were evicted from the show in yesterday’s segment. She was nominated next to Rio Raj, Aari, Samyuktha, Balaji Murugadoss, Anitha Sampath and Som Shekar last week. 

Long before the TV show, Suchitra became involved on social media again. Suchitra had previously been involved on Instagram and had given her profile to her friends or family members to handle it during her stay in the show like other contestants.

After 22 days Suchithra made her first post on Instagram and shared a photo of Lord Ganesha, captioned “My protector ?? #ganesha”. Suchithra also posted an old TikTok video of her and captioned the video “Free tips, anyone? ?????? #danceevenifyoucant”. These posts have turned viral now. – Adapted from Indiaglitz

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