Selangor rejects total lockdown because it is “well-positioned to deal with the pandemic.”

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Since the infection rate in Selangor is still poor relative to other states like Kelantan and Pahang, the state has refused the plan to introduce a complete lockdown.

Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad, chairman of the Selangor Task Force Covid-19, said today (19 May) at a press conference that his team and the Selangor government are in a strong place to deal with the outbreak.

He went on to explain that even though the numbers are high at the moment, Selangor cannot be said to be the worst state, and added that MOH needs to look in terms of the ratio of infection to the population.
“If the MCO is implemented fully, Selangor will be a victim in terms of industry and activities of the people. This is not fair.”
“Don’t make ‘lockdown’ an easy way because of our failure to manage PKP 2.0, for example. The number of deaths is also increasing day by day,” he said, adding that the state health services sector is still able to accommodate the number of patients at this time by increasing the number of ICU beds and ventilators.
“The numbers will remain high but are we so burdened that we want to implement a comprehensive MCO? We reject that need but there must be efforts to minimise the impact on the people who are currently burdened.”
Adapted from World of Buzz

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