Rabbit Mac launches Ma Carrotz: Remastered 2020 after 11 years

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Charles John Macallum, known as Rabbit Mac, is a Hip Hop and Rap based Indian singer from Malaysia who is active in the Malaysian musical industry. He is also popular in other Asian regions namely India, Singapore, Sri Lanka and also in Canada. Rabbit Mac has thus far created 3 albums and have collaborated with other artists for over 50 albums. Rabbit, who is also into hip-hop Malaysian Tamil Underground music, started his professional music career by making remixes of both English and Tamil songs.

After over a decade, we have come far in our musical journey, going through hurdles and countless experiences. And as a treat to our fans, we have released : “MA CARROTZ 0920 : THE REMASTERED EDITION”. During the finalization of the original album, there were 8 tracks in total. To give more emphasis to the album, 3 more tracks were added; Chickadeez, Kukubee and Rabbit Anthem. AKT was supposed to be part of the list, unfortunately due to the weight of the message within the song, and with the already intensified situation within the country, AKT was striked off the list. Now, after over a decade, AKT is part of the playlist in the Remastered edition of MA CARROTZ.

The entire album has been relaunched and we have included an unreleased track for you titled “AKT” where you can find it on Spotify. This album was launched 11 years ago as Rabbit Mac’s 1st ever album and it has made a comeback in 2020! Rabbit Mac has also released Kukubee lyrical video on PU4LYF Youtube channel yesterday, 25 August 2020. This song has been relaunched as it is Ma Carrotz 11th year anniversary. We thank you for supporting us since day 1! Without you fans this will never happen. Thank you for making dreams come into reality. How exciting is this. Head on over to PU4LYF Youtube channel and leave us a comment!

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A graffiti inspired artwork was the initial preference of the artwork theme for the MA CARROTZ album inlay art. After much research and consideration, the idea was dropped and a minimal art concept laid out with various elements was introduced for the inlay art. The iconic RABBIT.MAC logo was introduced and has been a symbol of pride, often seen on many vehicles. This icon established a brand within the Indian community, and everywhere that it was spotted, it instantly reminded people of the existence of the album that once set a revolution in the Indian Music industry. To reignite the legacy, the graffiti-inspired artwork has been implemented on this MA CARROTZ : REMASTERED EDITION.


HIP RABBIT HOP was one of the most influential merchandise ever released by PU4LYF (formerly known as PSYCHO.unit), back in 2009 in conjunction with the release of MA CARROTZ. Back then, there were very limited merchandises that were released by mainstream names in the Malaysian Tamil music community. Being a relatively new name and with a maiden album, PSYCHO.unit managed to break odds and sold over 3,500 pieces of the tee during that time, which is considered a runaway success for a relatively newcomer.

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