Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are suing the photographer for invading their privacy

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are furious at the paparazzi picture of their baby, Archie, which they claim is taken in their own backyard, and now they’re suing him, TMZ has stated. Harry and Meghan claim they have taken comprehensive precautions to protect their safety in their current house in the L.A. Area including installing a wide mesh fence across the property to defend from telephoto lenses. But, according to the complaint , an unnamed photographer just “crossed a red line with every adult” with Archie’s shopping photos.

In the papers released by TMZ and submitted by the renowned lawyer Michael Kump, the former Royals claim that the pictures are being purchased as though they had been taken at a summer trip in Malibu but they insist that Archie has not been in town, let alone Malibu, after they relocated to Los Angeles. We claim that the photographer is knowingly misleading about the place because the individual understands that “unsolicited photos of a small child in the safety of his own home are quite dangerous.”

Sources related to Meghan and Harry claim the attack went down to Tyler Perry’s Beverly Hills house, where the former royals lived. What makes it particularly strange, Tyler ‘s house is in a gated neighborhood, staying at the farthest point of the front fence, rendering it extremely impossible for an attacker to go undetected.

Unfortunately, Harry and Meghan claim they ‘re going to get intrusions from rain. Throughout the case, they claim, “Many television companies have operated drones about 20 feet over the house as many as three times a day.” They even state planes are circling above, and some photogs even made holes throughout their perimeter fencing.

Archie’s mom and dad find out in the complaint, it’s their preference when and how they show their boy’s pictures and claim they’ve shared images of him on social media to minimize the “bounty” of paparazzi photos. They ‘re pressing over a breach of privacy, so they’re even demanding the photog to hand over the images. They don’t know if anybody has bought the shots yet, but they say they ‘re notifying all the newspapers. The pictures were made secretly, not in Malibu. – Adapted from TMZ

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