Palace and Adidas are in a new partnership

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Palace and Adidas have a new partnership scheduled to launch this coming Friday , August 14. Introduced simply as “Sunpal,” the London skateshop released a promotional video earlier today showing brilliant blue ocean waters and perfectly white beaches with a sailboat called “Sunpal.” Further detail on the summer-themed line remains under wraps for the time being.

Palace and adidas last teamed up to introduce Lacas Puig’s new flagship model back in May and announced their Palace x adidas Golf collaboration in mid-February. Last week, Palace tapped the John and Molly pop stars for its upcoming Fall 2020 album.

For further, check out Hypebeast Magazine Issue 24’s ‘Palace Is About Skating and Procrastinating’ story about how Palace got Tate Britain and Ralph Lauren without compromising his determination. Upcoming info can also be contained on the Palace x adidas subsite. Keep tuned for more information on partnership in the immediate future. – Adapted from Hybebeast

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