Mukbang videos to be illegal In China because they promote “Binge-Eating”

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China also amended the existing laws by including a new provision known as the anti-food waste statute. According to reports, the legislation stems from President Xi Jinping’s anti-food waste program, which began in 2020 when he realized that food waste was an issue that jeopardized the country’s food protection.

This law bans diners from ordering more than they need to in restaurants and it also prohibits the filming or sharing of “binge-eating” videos, more commonly known as mukbang videos.

Such videos are now being taken down on Chinese social media sites. TV and media companies can also be fined up to 16,000 USD (RM65,800) if they were caught producing or showing “binge-eating” videos. Restaurants will also be fined up to 1,550 USD (RM6,374) if they were caught promoting excessive ordering (which leads to food wastage).

According to Vice, a bakery in Nanjing was warned by the authorities after they were caught throwing out imperfect or old pastries. The sop owner promised to donate them and turn some into free samples. – Adapted from World of Buzz 

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