MCMC is investigating TM for providing lower than advertised unifi upload speeds

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The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has opened an investigation after news emerged that Telekom Malaysia (TM) had cut the upload speed by 50 per cent on its current 500Mbps Unifi broadband plan.

In a statement issued today, MCMC clarified that, as originally advertised, it had received customer complaints against telco for delivering upload speeds of 100 Mbps instead of 200 Mbps.

Consumers had found that on September 2nd the bundle information on TM ‘s official distribution page had changed with the upload speed cutting by half. MCMC also guarantees fair and open examination, and the Communications and Multimedia Act (AKM) 1998 enforces the rights and interests of telecommunications service consumers.

“, the first to find out this move, noted that TM had” quietly lowered its 500Mbps plan upload speed from 200Mbps to 100Mbps. Unifi later confirmed that it was a platform and promotional content mistake and that there was “no improvement in the setup of the upload speed for the current Unifi 500Mbps kit.” – Adapted from TRP

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