McDonald’s next artist meal collaborator is J Balvin

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J Balvin is well known to have had a successful relationship since the reggaeton superstar has collaborated in recent months with people like Takashi Murakami, Jordan Brand and even Deepak Chopra. However, Balvin is linking with McDonald’s for the new artist menu partnership in the fast food chain. This latest collaborative venture may be his best to date.

Balvin told Hypebeast that “I’ve been a McDonald’s fan since I was a child.” “It’s like ‘First thing we have to go to is McDonald’s,’ and I will get my normal Big Mac, Oreo McFlurry and Middle French ketchup fries. It’s like we already had a kitchen with my baby and my child [with my own ketchup in Colombia]. Since I was a child, I have always had the same thing — but no pickles.

In order to maintain the importance of the high-profile cuisine of Travis Scott, McDonald hired Balvin for his personal commitment to their signature events. As Balvin described, his menu includes a large mac — pickles free — French fritters of medium size with a serving of casserole and a dessert oreo McFlurry. In an Upscale Vandal-designed necklace which Balvin was wearing during Hypebel’s video interview, each of those treatments was made properly with precious stones.

“I immediately replied yes when McDonald’s called me for this project,” Balvin recalled. “My upbringing and my daily life have been a big part of this. McDonald’s just belongs to the culture, you know? I was with him and I am proud to be [the special menu] the first latin to get it. It’s pretty fun to meet my first ‘first’ guys, much like the Super Bowl show in my Jordan collab. This is also the Hispanic Heritage Month, I say, so the time is [right].

Like Scott, the singer from “UN DÍA” explained the vast merchandising release following the J-Balvin lunch. Balvin emphasised that it’s important to remember that this McDonald’s meal is just as enthusiastic for him as its archaeological sneakers and digest. “It’s an amazing chance for me to build and build anyone I interact with.”

Catch a meal of J Balvin McDonald from 5 to 1 October. Like Scott ‘s products, skilful shoppers will purchase a discount for a free Oreo McFlurry on the McDonald App.

You should check for a specialised bin to supply your hot (and cold) meal – just look at McDonald’s own delivery package. – Adapted from Hypebeast

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