Man strangled his wife with a headscarf

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A man in Sepang pretends to discover the dead body of his wife by a lake upon her death striking. Before he was captured, the defendant, an NGO worker, told the police that he had strangled his wife for about 10 minutes, before she was motionless, and then took her to the boat, where he shifted her to the driver’s seat.

A 42-year-old guy was so incensed by his 40-year-old wife, calling for a divorce that he seized her by the throat and strangled her to death. The guy, a resident of Sepang, then claimed to have found his wife’s dead body near the lake in Pinggiran Cyberjaya, and subsequently reported to the Cyberjaya Police Station, according to Berita Harian’s article, “He told us that he had engaged Grab and had been looking for his wife from 4:00 p.m. on 28 July from their home in Putra Perdana before he spotted her car near the lake at Pinggiran Cyberjaya, where he discovered her motionless corpse,” said ACP Sepang District Police Chief Wan Kamarul Azran Wan Yusof today, 2 August. He clarified that they had been notified after the husband had called them at 1.04 a.m. on 30 July.

The husband’s fib, though, did not last long when the inquiry found that the pair had been having marital issues since 24 June. Since being detained and interviewed by the authorities, he was confirmed to have admitted to murdering his wife. The explanation he was detained at Serdang Hospital was because that’s where the victim’s corpse was sent for post-mortem, which revealed the cause of the victim’s death attributed to “the squeezing of the throat.”

“The police team was also directed by the perpetrator to the place near the Putra Perdana Mosque, where the victims’ belongings and the black batik shirt were discarded,” said ACP Wan Kamarul. The guy told the police that he had strangled her because he was upset with her because he had a tense dispute because she tried to apply for divorce. “He told us that he had strangled her for about 10 minutes before she became motionless, and then he took her to the site where she was discovered and switched her to the driver’s seat about 4:30 p.m.,” the ACP added.

They were married in 2005 and had a daughter aged 14. “The victim served as a instructor while the defendant is a non-governmental agency worker and does not have a regular employment,” according to the ACP, which claimed that the inquiry has been carried out under Section 302 of the Criminal Code for murder and the defendant had been detained before 6 August. – Adapted from Rojak Daily

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