Man slams his daughter to the floor because she asked for water

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Father from Perak was recently arrested for child abuse after slamming his seven-year -old daughter on the floor. According to Harian Metro, the accident took place at 8:20 p.m. on Sunday, 2 August, at the man’s home in Kampung Kroh Hilir, Padang Rengas. Acting Kuala Kangsar District Police Chief DSP Zahiri Hassan said that the man’s daughter was wounded on her head after she struck the corner of the dining table.

The daughter asked her father for some water when he unexpectedly picked her up and threw her on the floor. According to the defendant, his father struck her in the head and became upset at him. In a comment, Zahiri said to the Sundaily, “The perpetrator, who is the youngest of four parents, screamed out and yelled out in agony. The defendant claimed that his father had hit him on the head when he was eating and making him furious with her behavior.”

“Although he had left the scene shortly after the accident, the perpetrator was captured at 12:00 p.m. the next day,” he added. Zahiri also clarified that the guy had only been released from jail two weeks earlier for past offences. Investigations showed that the guy has two prison histories and five other reports pertaining to narcotics crimes. The patient was hurried to the clinic right after the accident, but was then transferred to Kuala Kangsar Hospital for further care. – Adapted from Says

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