Kanye West misses deadline to release “Donda”

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Kanye West has disappointed his followers by skipping the deadline for the release of the latest album and video Donda: With Child – while claiming that he’s “focusing on music.” The controversial singer announced last week that he was going to release his 10th studio album on Friday, July 24th.

After a rather troubling presence at the presidential rally on Sunday night, it looked as though Kanye had chosen to take a break in his search to become U.S. President. “Ima’s going to concentrate on music now,” the rap star posted. An hour later, he posted a screenshot of the track list of his latest record, which apparently has a latest cover. “DONDA is coming this Friday.” Kanye ‘s followers were enthusiastically awaiting the release of his latest album at midnight last night, but were left disappointed.

The song, named Donda: With Child after his late mother, has been anticipated by fans to offer a glimpse into the genius ‘s mind in the last few months. The internet is now awash with reports that other songs are alluding to his state of mind and what’s going on with his personal life. With midnight coming and going across America, the UK and the rest of the world, Kanye ‘s fans were furious that they were left waiting again. Many called themselves “clowns” because they thought that the rapper would have delivered on time after missing deadlines.- Adapted from The Sun UK

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