Japanese man live 36 years on vouchers without paying one cent of his own money

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Sinchew Daily recorded a very unusual case of a Japanese man who did not use a single cent of his own money in 36 years. How did the guy do that, you may ask? Ok, Kiriya Hiroshi, 71, began trading in stocks when he was 35 years old.

So there is a certain scheme in the Japanese stock market where an individual who has put in a certain sum of money will be able to get several vouchers as a form of incentive. The market valuation of the stocks it has today is worth 300 million yen (RM11,800,000).

Currently, Kiriya is investing in more than 900 businesses and gives it its fair share of vouchers every year. In a reality show, he said that he will use such coupons in return for everyday needs such as rice, gasoline, salt, clothing , shoes and even a bicycle!

Kiriya still sticks exclusively to his allowance and does not spend on items that cost more than the amount of his voucher. As far as travel is concerned, he bikes about. His wallet isn’t an ordinary wallet, and it’s certainly a sight to see that he doesn’t have any cards or cash in there, just stacks of vouchers! – Adapted from WorlofBuzz

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