Instructor groped her butt and claimed to “check her muscle” while training

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A freelance workout instructor in Singapore has reportedly been captured on video handling one of his customers in an uncomfortable manner. In an Instagram video shared by Cheryl Loh on Tuesday, August 4th, a mentor was seen rubbing the back of a woman multiple times and groping her during their training session.

Loh, who is a personal trainer herself, reached out to the woman and pointed out that it was her first opportunity to employ a mentor to cope with such a scenario. Instead Loh clarified to her that “it’s not common for such physical contact during preparation” and that it’s basically unprofessional. The client told Loh that she had frequently told the psychologist, “Don’t hit my butt,” during seven training sessions. He tried to do so, though, saying that he was “monitoring her muscles.”

Loh and a variety of personal trainers claimed that his argument was “total bullsh*t.” He noted that Aperio Fitness, the gym where the event took place, had now forbidden the professional instructor from using his facility to perform his personal workouts, and that the client is no longer working with him. According to the post, the instructor was a professional teacher, not a gym worker. Loh expressed that even though she didn’t want to submit a police report, she allowed her to post the video as information with others.

“[She] needs all people, children, or even boys out there to realize that this behaviour is not appropriate and that no one can do any action that makes them feel insecure, awkward, and rude. Anybody that feels this way will speak out and not let the offender have his / her way,” she stated. The article has since gone viral, as several have commended them for pointing out his unprofessional behavior. – Adapted from Says

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