Here’s the secret of Tiger Shroff’s insane physique and flexibility

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Tiger Shroff is undoubtedly the most agile and fittest actor’s working today. His extensive knowledge of martial arts combined with his flexibility make him the quintessential action star of Bollywood. The actor is also on top of his game with the dancing skills as well. But nothing that Tiger does on screen is easy or natural. He spents hours in the gym and dance floor to perfect his craft.

Recently, his trainer Rajesh Dhole shared some insights about Tiger’s training schedule. He said, “If he is not shooting, he is either lifting weights or doing kicks or his gymnastics. He basically spends 12 hours every day training for some set of skills or another whether- dance, kicks or weights and when on shoot when there is no gym we focus on bodyweight training and the main focus is always diet on the go!”

Tiger often shares the glimpses of his training sessions with fans on Instagram. In those short clips, he is either busting out some really crazy dance moves or performing a totally imposible high kick. With his really amazing upcoming line-up, Tiger is all set to entertain and amaze the audience. – Adapted from Indiaglitz

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