Here is how to avoid your specs from fogging while you’re wearing a mask

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Many citizens carry masks religiously to keep them from being diagnosed with COVID-19. But while mask-wearing is important to public health, it’s also a big fit for a lot of Americans who are adapting to new clothes and sweaty faces. Those of us with glasses have another problem to deal with: the fogged-up lenses. If you don a mask and the moist breath is struck fairly fast.

This can be very annoying, particularly if you move from a hot street to an air-conditioned shop, instantly you can’t see anything, so you don’t want to take care of your glasses without first washing your hands. There are a range of techniques that have been proposed to maintain your lenses and your eyes intact while you wear a mask.

Here’s how you can prevent them from fogging :

-Use a mask with a nose bridge
-Put your glasses over your mask
-Use soap and water
-Put tissue on the inside of the mask
-Buy Anti-fogging products

(Adapted from The Verge)

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