Havoc Motherland domination

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The blood brothers are back to storm the nation again. Or shall we say, the world? Havoc Pullingo, the new single from Havoc Brothers was announced a month ago and the die hard fans went berserk. Looking at the poster and title, the move with this release is surely calculated for motherland domination. But timing? It wasn’t in the favour of the group. Everything in the world went halt with the emerge of Covid 19 pandemic.

Day by day, we are recovering and adapting to a new way of living. Can the ‘new’ normal help the boys triumph when everyone of us are on the phones or get drowned and dusted as a music release in the madness of Corona? It’s a scary time for any musician with major releases.

India’s independent scene has taken its forefront in the last couple of years especially with the emerge of Gully Hip-hop breaking worldwide stars like Divine, RajaKumari, Raftaar and many more. Tamil independent scene was ruled mostly by cinema and live rock acts until songs like Gumbala Suthuvom and Stove Mela broke YouTube records for Tamil independent singles. The numbers was remarkably higher than any recent movie Tamil song releases. The timing has become a blessing in disguise for independent music acts as movie songs will be delayed for releases as shooting worldwide has been stopped. Can our Malaysian golden group fill in the empty void?

Havoc Brothers have been making music for almost a decade since they were merely teenagers using their home PC to record their earlier hits. After being signed to PU4LYF, they have matured with their content, songwriting, image and most importantly, star power and longevity compared to most of their peers.

Havoc Pullingo will be a treat for their die hard fans from all around the world and without a doubt, the song is gonna change the landscape of Malaysian and India Tamil independent scene. Why do I believe that? Havoc Brothers have faced challenges their whole career but they build with every release, video and song. Their critics couldn’t outwrite them, the people really loved their tunes no matter how it was presented. It was realness rather than drama. Even the teaser of Pullingo did better than Malaysian releases released in the last month. Imagine the song? Let’s witness the loyalty and local-lty of Havoc Brothers.

The song is scheduled for release today (9 May 2020) under PU4LYF/Universal Music Malaysia.

Article contributed by : Peter MKB

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