Balan Kash gets on The Game’s mixtape with a song about Telegram?

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It’s amazing to see the power of the internet and social media in today’s world of entertainment. West Coast hip-hop global superstar, The Game who has worked with names like Dr. Dre, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Kendrick Lamar and many more legendary rap musicians used his Instagram to reach out to rap musicians when the pandemic hit stating about a mixtape series he was presenting.

Balan Kash, one of Malaysia’s hip-hop household names then DMed his videos across after seeing the post. We asked him what went down. “After a month or so I got a reply and he stated, he likes to push my music on his upcoming series. I passed him my email and stayed in touch via Instagram. Around the same time, I recorded a song called Lucky with SHO, a bright and versatile composer at Rocsho Studios in Taman Tun. The song was about Indian community’s double edge sword mentality and the destruction within. Spoke about telegram groups which came to light recently. I felt rather than submitting a party or radio record, this was more important. I showed the song/message to my team, spoke to Sho and submitted the record via email. My lawyer Gerard Lazarus told me this is God’s reminder so you don’t quit music. The rest just happened as months went by and I was told October was the release of the mixtape series” stated the rapper known for his bilingual rap career, merch company Macha Magic and contributions to the local hip-hop scene.

‘Lucky’ is released on The Game and Dablock365 official Spotify accounts, Datpiff, Topmixtapes, SoundCloud and many prominent hip hop mixtapes sites. Featured artists from around the world and we believe Balan Kash was the only Malaysian and South East Asian who got featured from thousands of submissions. The official video of the song is being prepared for a November release under Bawah Pokok Films and Third Eye Music.

May this opens more doors for Malaysian music and hip-hop industry. Balan also stated: Don’t stop believing in your dreams. You never know who might be listening and what may unfold. God is the greatest and life is full of surprises.

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