Army sergeant fired for refusing vaccine; if he changes his mind, he will be reinstated

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An army sergeant was given a dishonourable discharge after he refused to take the Covid-19 vaccine, which is mandatory for members of the Malaysian Army (TDM).

TDM addressed the issue after an article titled “Army sergeant fired for rejecting Covid-19 vaccine, lost pension” involving Sergeant Wan Ramly bin Wan Seman went viral.

They wrote in a statement that vaccination is mandatory especially before performing an assignment, except for those who are not eligible to receive the vaccine.

“The actions of a member of the military who disobeys or refuses to receive a vaccine may result in them being subject to disciplinary action for disobeying an order or violating a standing order,” the statement said.

TDM added that vaccination among its members is required because TDM members live in groups. Additionally, the role and responsibilities of TDM as frontline officers also puts them in contact with Covid-19.

“In this regard, it is appropriate for all TDM members to take the vaccine to curb the transmission that might not only happen among TDM members but can also infect the families of TDM members and society as a whole.”

“It also aims to support the wishes and aspirations of the Government to achieve herd immunity and further break the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak network in the country.”

“Each member of TDM must comply and follow the orders that have been issued, to ensure the mission/readiness of the organization is achieved.”

The soldier will be reinstated if he takes the vaccine

Army Chief General Tan Sri Zamrose Mohd Zain said that if Sergeant Wan Ramly changes his mind and decides to get vaccinated, he would get reinstated.

However, the decision to dismiss the soldier still stands, for now, reported BERNAMA.

He added that Sergeant Wan Ramly had undergone four counselling sessions after he refused to take the vaccine, but still refused to take it even after the counselling.

“The army will consider reinstating him if he is willing to get vaccinated, and I am confident government officials are taking appropriate action,” Zamrose said.

“We will hand over everything that this soldier deserves.”

He added that the army has 86,000 members and does not want any implications for other members of the team.

“The army feels he is unsuitable because its members work in groups and it does not want any implications for other members because he is the only one who does not want the vaccine,” he said. – Adapted from World of Buzz

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