Apple’s first ‘floating’ store coming soon at Marina Bay Sands

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Apple has hundreds of physical shops scattered across the world, acting as supermarkets, service centers and cultural centres where customers can strive to be more artistic. And none of these glittering Apple meccas have been founded on water so far. As announced by The Straits Times, the company has verified plans to launch a dome-shaped store outside Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands casino. We don’t know when the doors will unlock, but a spokesman said it’s “coming soon” “Exploring, communicating and making something different would be a place for you,” states an official teaser account.

As recorded by Archigardner, the store replaces a shard-shaped Crystal Pavilion that once hosted a nightclub called Avalon. Apple has restored the building with glass panels reflecting Singapore’s landscape throughout the day and flickering like a lantern at night according to documents released by 9to5Mac. “The shape of the building shows a whole different architecture of the shop,” the organization explained, and will be partly illuminated at the top of the dome by a triangular light. Unlike the initial Crystal Pavilion, a boardwalk and an underwater tube link with a neighboring mall will expand it.

The eye catching dome is Singapore’s third-largest Apple shop. In 2017, the firm opened its first store at Knightsbridge Mall, before launching a second in July 2019 at Jewel Changi Airport. The launch of the shop is unprecedented at a period when other companies are already suffering from the pandemic coronavirus. Apple has plenty of cash, though, it’s hit a $2 trillion valuation recently, and is clearly confident pre-COVID-19 foot traffic will return. For comparison, Microsoft has announced it will close all its physical stores and move four, based in London, New York City, Sydney and Redmond, into community-focused Experience Centres. – Adapted from engadget

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