Andrea seeks comfort in a book when the universe has been too difficult to cope

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Andrea Jeremiah is one of the most popular singer-songwriters in Kollywood. She’s picked amazing positions and she’s been acing them. She’s got a big following waiting for her voice and performance. The actress who posted old pictures and tasty recipes she prepared during the lockout even exchanged skin care tips with her followers. She was also part of a short film that was filmed in her house. Andrea posted a photo of the novel she’s been reading and spoke about why she likes the title.

She’s taken to her social media to announce that she’s a bookworm, so if she feels sad, she’s beginning to read a book. She’s shared a photo of the novel she’s reading and she’s been thinking about the film. She even requested her fans to post the books they had read during the lockout.

According to Times of India, She posted, ‘Are you a #bookworm 🐛? Cos I am 🤓 When the real world becomes a bit too much to handle, I always find solace between the pages of a book.. so I thought I’ll start a little #bookclub for all of you 📔 Every month, I’m going to talk about a book that I’m reading 😌 This month’s read is ‘The Ice at the end of the World’ a fascinating look at #greenland and the inspiring stories of early #explorers who ventured onto the great ice sheet.

Perhaps specifically, it speaks about how # climatechange and # global warming impacts Iceland, and how it could influence the rest of the planet. Please key in to let me know what book you guys are reading right now. I’ll do another post early to share a selection of my favorite books to writers. – Adapted from Times of India

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