Amazon launches an automated flying drone camera for your home

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Ring — home surveillance and Amazon-owned smart home company — announces their new indoor drone camera that will only be available next year called Always Home Cam. It’s an autonomous drone that can fly and capture videos of the rooms within your house.

In their commercial, Ring shows the drone by making a ‘burglar’ attempt to sneak off. When the ‘burglar’ walks in, the detection device is tripped. The homeowner (who is out of his house) is alerted by a mobile and sends the Always Home Cam to check in. With the Ring drone, the homeowner can see what’s going on with his device as he flies from the dock to the ‘burglar.’ As soon as the ‘burglar’ sees Ring ‘s flying indoor camera, he automatically travels.

Jamie Siminoff, Ring ‘s founder and “chief inventor,” says the concept behind Always Home Cam is to have various perspectives within the home without having several cameras. He also said that the company has spent the last two years working on the production of the system, and that it is a “obvious product that is really difficult to create.” The new drone is entirely autonomous — which means it flies on its own without the homeowner’s need to pilot it. However, you can also tell the drone how far it can fly and where it can fly. If you’re concerned that the drone could unintentionally bump into things, I feel the same way. I’m still nervous if there’s a lot of doors in the way, and I unintentionally shut the door and the drone has to get through it.

It does, however, feature obstacle-avoidance technology — which allows it to avoid obstacles in its way and avoid harming a pet or a human who may crash with a drone. And the first time you get the unit, you can create a map of your home to follow it. Ring says the camera can also be used for items like testing whether the cooker is left on or the window is left open. It is projected to cost USD 249.99 (RM1,041.96) when it starts selling on Amazon next year.

Earlier this month, Amazon said a recently released Federal Aviation Administration permit cleared the launch pad for its Prime Air drone delivery in the U.S. This is because of the company’s investment in a distribution network to distribute purchases efficiently to consumers. – Adapted from Soya Cincau

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