A Palestinian road has been renamed in honor of Malaysia’s national day

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A road in Palestine has been renamed ‘Malaysia Street’, located just off Ansar roundabout in the west of Gaza.

In a tweet by the Palestinian Cultural Organisation Malaysia (PCOM) chairman Muslim Imran, the road was renamed to commemorate “Malaysia’s independence day” yesterday, 31 August.

A newly-erected signage paid tribute to Malaysia, and celebrated our nation’s solidarity with Palestine.

“Malaysia has an important role in supporting the Palestinian cause,” it read, adding, “Malaysia calls for an end to the Israeli occupation and granting (sic) the Palestinian people all their rights.”

“It also rejects (sic) normalisation with the Israeli occupation.”

The unveiling ceremony was also attended by representatives of both countries, including heads of Malaysian aid organisations

In a posting on Facebook, CEO of Cinta Gaza Malaysia, Nadir Al-Nuri waxed lyrical about the name-change, saying it was an immense honour for Malaysia to receive such a gift on our 64th National Day.

“A piece of Palestine now bears the name of our country,” he wrote.

He elaborates that ‘Malaysia Street’ sits on one of the important throughways in Gaza, where many universities, government buildings, and even international agencies are based.

Nadir says that the ceremony was also attended by the Mayor of Gaza, Dr. Yahya As-Sarraj, as well as the director of MyCare – another Malaysian humanitarian mission – Dr Ziad Shehadah.

Adapted from SAYS

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